We apply

data to make communities stronger.
technology to uncover new opportunities.
expertise from across Two Sigma.

What We Do

We believe rigorous data analysis and innovative engineering can help every organization.

We bring Two Sigma’s people, data science skills, and technological know-how to help our partners to use data and tech more effectively.

We share our scientific process and source the right talent from within Two Sigma to address your unique challenges.

We can help optimize and automate daily operations, translate data into insights, or demonstrate potential for even greater change in the service of your community.

Our Approach

Data science and technology support with a human touch.

Engagement and Team

We bring our teams together to assess the viability of a data science or technology collaboration. Next, we assemble a volunteer team of Two Sigma data scientists, engineers, and project managers with the right skill sets and capabilities for your project.

Research and Development

Once we’re aligned on scope, deliverables, format, and timing the project can get underway. Our engagement team works closely with you on a part-time basis over the course of the project to manage everything from discovery to delivery.

Results and Impact

While deliverables vary based on each engagement, one of our core goals is to help our partners independently use data and technology more effectively and efficiently in their organizations.


Changing outcomes means changing how we look at problems.

Plan your commute better

SubwayCrowds is designed to identify for specific trips when subway cars are likely to be most crowded so that individuals might alter their travel time or route.

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Surface lesser known open data

Introducing scout, an open source browser-based tool that eases the discovery and curation of thematically related and joinable datasets to broaden the application of open data to uncover new insights.

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Consolidate those messy datasets

Introducing smooshr, an open source browser-based tool that makes it easy to create and share recipes for cleaning unruly data, with a specific focus on entity consolidation and standardization within and across datasets.

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Reimagine NYC’s neighborhoods

NewerHoods is an open source, flexible and dynamic clustering tool that helps individuals and organizations better advocate for their community by tailoring data to their specific needs.

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Meet your dedicated core team.

We’re backed by volunteers drawn from Two Sigma’s research and development teams, which have over 4,800 person-years of experience.

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